2015 - Present
Vertic is a leading independent digital agency dedicated to developing digital solutions that help clients build their brands and generate tangible business results.
Banner Ads Design & Development
Email Template/EDM
Visual Design
Presentation Design


Often times, successful companies find themselves with more demand than supply, hence, individuals and smaller agencies that can easily adapt and seamlessly follow Vertic’s playbook and timeline are sought for collaboration and partnership.


Frontman handles Vertic’s overflow work for Frontend Website Development, Ad design and development work. Vertic trusted Frontman to work on projects for PayPal, Panadol, Biogen, Roche, Novo Nordisk and more. The collaboration since 2015 endures by making sure quality of work is always first, standards and best practices are followed, solutions are always user-friendly for easy handover and maintenance, projects are always on-schedule and proper documentation are provided.

Love that Frontman is always responsive, and never shies away from a task, even if it's new and unexplored territories in terms of development.

— Mark Ong, Head of Project Management